Break The Rules

You gotta break the rules. Be kind to yourself. Be the kind of friend you need when you’re feeling your lowest. Do that for yourself. 

You have to look at the little person inside you – the purest part of who you are – and nurture it. Let them come out and play. Let them skin their elbows and come running to you for safety. Pick them up and wipe away their tears. 

You have to be different than before. You must refrain from raising your tone. You must not lose your patience. Because this little person needs you. This little person inside you doesn’t know the love that comes from peace within. SHe doesn’t know how worthy she is. 

You are the key to freeing them from their fears. 

When those feelings or thoughts come up, sit down. Sit with her and tell her it’s okay. Don’t shame her. Don’t downplay her feelings. Listen with a concerned ear and hear what she says. You will be surprised with the answers that come up for you. Don’t be alarmed by what you find. You had the answer within you this whole time. You just needed to believe in yourself.

Believe in the curious part of you that craves change and adventure. Believe that you have control. Believe the little you has all the power, that they only need you to help guide the way. 

My inner child is afraid of love. She is always afraid that the ones she loves the most will leave her all alone. Before I heard her crying out, I let my outer child react. This is the response from hurt. This is your unconscious taking over your judgment and your rationality. 

There would be nasty tantrums and screaming matches with my boyfriend over things that only needed talking out and communicating. There was no reason for fear or anger or sadness, but these are feelings that you have to work through to get to the other side. I promise you when you look within yourself, you will find all the answers you’re looking for.

Take care,

Maggie xo

By itsmaggie92

Hi I'm Maggie and I'm a 28 year old cat lady that loves writing and anything fun and adventurous.


  1. You’re hitting on all cylinders… what beautiful revelations.. thank you for sharing..

    I wish you guys were in Ohio still… I would love to invite you both to my upcoming birthday party. You deserve to be there, your wisdom has been timely.


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